Thursday, January 24, 2013

Moving forward...

I might be the most inconsistent blogger ever, but in 2013 I plan to turn that around! Hope some of you out there are still reading!

2012 was a huge year for me professionally. I gained a lot of confidence in my comic and illustration work by laying out, penciling, inking and lettering a 128 page graphic novel called "Dirt: Tornado Water," written by John Morello and colored by Joshua Jensen. Take a look at it at and let us all know what you think! It's available in print or for Kindle, i-Pad and i-Phone.

While this ambitious undertaking had a huge and positive impact on my level of experience and portfolio of work, it also took up so much of my time and creative energy that I was unable to continue working on the Pale Dragon mini series for the duration of the project. But now I'm finally ready to get back to work! The script for issue 2 has been given a touch of edits, has been reviewed by a trusted (and patient) test audience and is currently being laid out for pencils. Can't wait to get moving on it, as this portion of the story is the core inspiration for the whole character and central theme of the book. In comics, origins always make the most fun and interesting stories, and in Kung Fu movies the training sequences are always the best. So, get ready for a montage...

In other news, I just recently sent off a few pages of the first issue to colorist Josh Jensen who has agreed to lend his talent to this and (hopefully) future installments of the book, so look for a full color re-release of Pale Dragon #1 in the next few months... Or sooner, since Mr. Jensen is not only good with the tablet, but so fast he's hard to keep up with!

Ok, this book isn't going to draw itself! I guess that's it for now.

-Kung Fu Mike

PS - Take a look at my website at Recently added more to the portfolio sections and made it easier to find some art or contact me.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kung Fu Mike now on Twitter...

Yes, I finally did it. I joined Twitter. I'm not too sure how much I'll use it, but I've been encouraged by people saying that it's a good way to keep people updated on my art and graphic novel efforts. If you're interested, click here. I plan to "Tweet" about all things Pale Dragon, including the presentation on creating graphic novels I'll be giving for the West Boylston Arts Foundation on March 22nd, at 6:30. Should be fun! Hope I don't run out of stuff to talk about! They were nice enough to provide me with the flyer below:

-Kung Fu Mike

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New article in Pulse Magazine!

Grab a copy or take a look online here.

Thanks a lot to Sam Blier, for the positive review, and Lara Dean, for taking interest!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

That's Entertainment Signing Event TOMORROW

Just a quick message to anyone out there who finds this blog, I'll be at That's Entertainment (244 Park Avenue in Worcester, MA) signing issues of the Pale Dragon comic from 5-8pm. Stop in and say hello if you're in the area! Haven't been keeping up with the blog at all lately, but should have some time to put into it in this upcoming week. I had a blast at NY Comic Con this weekend, but have been pretty tired and a bit under the weather since I got back. (getting too old for this sh*t?) Also, I've done and interview about Pale Dragon with the Pulse Magazine which will be printed in their November issue. I have no idea what the interview will be like, but the questions seemed to center around myself as an artist and martial artist more than the plot / creative process of the book... but I'll be sure to fill in any gaps and about things I hope you'll find interesting about the comic on this blog. In closing, here's a picture of me with a couple of Warriors at NYCC:

Photo Credit: Kelly Denato.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Post

Pale Dragon #1 now on sale! Worcester locals can find issues of Pale Dragon available for purchase at That's Entertainment, Park Ave., Worcester and Dr. Gonzo's Uncommon Condiments, Main St., Worcester. More information (and locations) to follow.

Those of you interested in buying copies of the book online can do so through the Pale Dragon website ( or just click this link.

Check back to this blog for updates on upcoming issues, events and general news about the Pale Dragon comic book series.